TierWohl Produkte

TierWohl Products

Naturally hygienic, healthy and innovative products – for every type of horse

Not all horses are alike! The TierWohl assortment offers naturally hygienic, healthy and innovative products with incomparable product properties – all for the good of your horse!

Horse Bedding

for high demands

TierWohl horse bedding – for better economy and hygiene in the modern stable!

Feed Supplements

Fecal water - is history!

ACG Feed Supplement* for horses, for the regulation and support of gastrointestinal functions 

*Compliant with the Antidoping and Medicament Control Regulations of the German Equestrian Federation (FN)

Other JRS Pet Care Products

When you opt for an animal hygiene product from JRS, you can be sure you are making the right choice!

JRS – J. Rettenmaier & Sons – has been producing litter products for natural and species-appropriate animal husbandry for over three generations. With its brands TierWohl, CAT'S BEST, DOG'S BEST and CHIPSI, it offers animal-lovers in many countries of Europe ecological and economical products which are subject to stringent quality controls. This is why independent institutes and study groups recommend JRS products.

Here is the complete JRS expert pet litter assortment – natural, high-yielding and effective, and always offering you the very best pet litter solution:

JRS animal hygiene stands for a natural and ecologically oriented approach to litter – an approach that is really based on nature!