TierWohl ACG

TierWohl ACG

Say goodbye to equine diarrhoea for good!  The ideal feed supplement for horses* –  for regulation and support of the gastrointestinal functions


TierWohl ACG is obtainable in:    

5 kg buckets
20 kg sacks 

TierWohl ACG is an effective support for trying to eliminate equine diarrhoea.

The structurally effective fibre concentrate offers the ideal combination of soluble and insoluble fibre components on the basis of   ARBOCEL® lignocellulose, so as to optimise the animal’s digestion effectively and lastingly.

It is low in sugar, starch and protein, which makes it supremely suitable for sensitive horses.

Product properties that really impress:

  • Promotes wellbeing
  • Stabilizes the water and electrolyte balance
  • Improves resistance
  • Helps maintain performance when diet or stabling conditions change or during a change of coat 

*Compliant with the Antidoping and Medicament Control Regulations of the German Equestrian Federation (FN)

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