TierWohl Super

TierWohl SUPER

The horse stable bedding for high expectations – healthy and cost-saving stable hygiene


TierWohl SUPER is obtainable in:    

15 kg sacks  
24 kg sacks

TierWohl SUPER Plus Enzyme is obtainable in: 

24 kg sacks

TierWohl Super is the sophisticated alternative to traditional chip-based bedding.

The top-quality, specially dried, fine soft wood granulate forms a significantly more compact and more absorbent base.

Moisture is locked into the interior of the fibres, so the litter neutralises odours very much more effectively. 


Product properties that really impress:

  • Significantly more absorbent than conventional shavings  
  • Significantly better odour binding
  • Longer lasting, easy mucking out
  • Noticeably reduces the volume of stable waste
  • Germ-free and virtually dust-free 

TierWohl Super PLUS Enzyme


TierWohl SUPER Ammonia Blocker

with natural ammonia blocker for a better atmosphere in the stable

TW Super Streu

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